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[Ep 87] Do Your Business Your Way

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about how people tend to look up to and copy other people life strategies in hopes that they will emulate that persons’ success. I advocate the policy of modifying other people’s strategies to fit your own lifestyle, characteristics, and personality traits. That’s the way to be truly successful.

Don’t Let The Internet Rush You – No One Is Posting Their Failures

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Recently, I read this awesome quote attributed to Wesley Snipes (on his Twitter account), and I instantly copied and pasted it into my archives of useful quotes. It’s basically the title of this post – Don’t let the internet rush you; No one is posting their failures. Boom! Bam! Bing! Absolutely on point. As soon as I read it, I …

If You Are Not Going To Be Serious About Your Work, No One Else Will

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When I first quit my job to start my own business, I didn’t take it seriously, or as seriously as I take it now. I would let people distract me from my work, I would roam around during my most creative hours looking for dates or doing groceries, and I got embarrassed when people would tell me I didn’t have …

Are You Focusing Your Energies On The Wrong Questions?

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I get asked this particular question a lot from newbie business owners, or people who are trying to set up an online business, and it always acts like a stumbling block for people. The question being, “Should I build my business under my name, or under a random moniker, like you have done with The Millionaire Hippie?” It’s weird to …

People Be Like, How Much Money Are You Making Now?

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In normal society, asking someone how much they make is absolutely taboo. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad. But that’s how it is. But for some reason, the tables turn when you start a business. All of a sudden, all the inner workings of your finances, and your business are fodder for everyone’s conversations, and questions. …

There Are Going To Be Days When Everything Goes Wrong

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‘But my website has been down for 3 days!’ I yelled at a customer service representative, instantly regretting yelling at someone who was obviously not at fault. I took a deep breath, and asked the rep to help me fix my website issues today. I needed my website to be up again. I was losing precious potential clients every moment …