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INFJs Are Magnets For Toxic People, And Itโ€™s Worse Because We Can Be Major People Pleasers

I read somewhere that INFJs are people pleasers who hate people, and that description could not be more apt. At least for me.  I love people, but hate humanity. I also have had a weird childhood, where I felt unworthy of love over and over again, resulting in me doing anything and everything to prove my worthiness to the people around me. This included being an extreme people pleaser, who would do anything to get a smile or a note…

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All People Want Is To Be Heard And Understood

A few months ago, I started speaking about a specific kind of personality type on YouTube called INFJs. We are supposedly the rarest personality type in the world, and highly misunderstood, and confused about ourselves. I know, because I am an INFJ, and it took me a long time to understand myself. It took years of journaling, reflection, observation, meditation, and yoga for me to get to a basic understanding of myself. I decided to start this YouTube channel because…

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