[Ep 75] The Classic 80/20 Rule In Relationships

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In this episode, I’ll be talking about the classic 80/20 rule in relationships by Pareto.

The 80/20 rule means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs. This rule applies to almost everything in life, be it relationships, learning, money, work, or happiness.

We see many different people running around town who appear to be busy. But most of these people tend to accomplish very little. Why? Because we waste time on tasks that our of a low value to us and don’t focus on our main goals and ambitions in life. The big goals and aims we have in life tend to be the hardest, which is why people tend to avoid them and waste time on less valuable goals.

Podcast Content

  1. The 80/20 Rule by Pareto
  2. My life with the 80/20 Rule applied
  3. Self-actualizing people
  4. Do you surround yourself with negative people?

One example of the 80/20 rule in everyday life is with relationships. In life, we might have three or four amazing friends, but we don’t give these people enough love or attention because we waste our time on associates and negative people.  Why do we waste so much of our precious time and energy on negative people, people who don’t support us and who aren’t there for us in life?

We need to surround our self with positive people, who will have a good impact and add to our life. Spend our valuable and limited time on this each focusing on the people and things we love instead of wasting it.

People tend to have the same personality of the five closest people to them. Are the people you associate with positive? You are probably very similar to these people so do they bring a good energy to your life and bring you up? If not, why do you waste your time on these people?

If you spend your days with positive people, then you will bring positivity into your life. Apply the 80/20 rule in your life, and in your relationships to gain benefits that you never thought possible before. Stop wasting your time on nonsense, and come back to the important stuff that really matters.

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Can We Just Stop Talking About Shit And Actually Do Something?

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Recently, I was sitting with an acquaintance of mine. She wanted to pick my brain, and even though, I absolutely despise that phrase, I decided to do it, because I don’t want to be a completely selfish human being. As we were sitting down, and chatting, I explained to her that I go to bed at around 730 or 8pm, because my nighttime routines take a bit of time, so I actually fall asleep around 830 or 9pm. And then, I wake up around 530 or 6am. Depending on the day.

Her comeback to that was, “Wow, that’s around 9 hours. You must have no stress in your life at all.”

I wanted to cut her to pieces right then and there, because she was making an assumption about my entire life and persona based on the fact that I sleep really well. The truth is that this person that I was speaking to is absolutely fucking miserable.

She’s unhappy. Absolutely unhappy. Her solution to all of her misery?? To sit with other miserable people and chatter and whitter about it all freaking day and night.

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Your Thoughts Are Creating Your World All The Time

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A few days ago, I went over with a couple of friends to hike a waterfall near the city. We are so lucky to live here in Chiang Mai. There are lots of waterfalls, and forests right around the corner from our homes. We rode on a motorbike for ten minutes and we were in a jungle area. It was a fun and difficult hike, at least for me, as it was a hot day. But when we got to the waterfall, the cool water dropping on our heads, made it all worth it.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, this is what happened when we were standing by the waterfall. The water was coming down with some great force, and I said, without thinking about it, to a friend who was standing a bit too close to the edge, “Be careful. Don’t fall down the edge.”

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[Ep 67] The Elastic Band Technique To Reduce Negative Thoughts

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In this episode, I’ll chat about the elastic band technique to reduce negative thoughts and negativity in your mind. Have you ever heard of this technique? If not, check out this episode, and learn more.

Negative thoughts are like weeds, and if you let them foster and grow, they are growing to bring their entire families with them and they are going to completely invade and take over your mind.

[bctt tweet=”It takes about 15 to 20 positive thoughts to negate the effects of a single negative thought.” username=”BoomShikha”]

Negative thoughts are much more potent and powerful than positive thoughts, and they are much easier to cultivate in our minds.

Therefore, it is our paramount duty to remove negative thoughts as soon as they pop up, if not instantly, then soon thereafter.

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