The Less We Want And Need, The More Creative Energy Remains

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I have been realizing more and more that every time I purchase anything, I am giving away some of my precious psychic energy that I have inside of me to that item. To store it, to take care of it, to move it around, to hold it, to use it, and so much more. It is the same with anything we put into our schedule, anything we have in our emails, any relationship we have, and everything else you can imagine.

We start off every single day with a certain amount of willpower, and creative energy. Depleting it over the day. But the same thing applies to psychic energy – we have a limited amount of mental energy stored in our minds and bodies. Every moment of every day we are giving our energy away to so many random unimportant things.

For example, we might get bumped by a person walking on the sidewalk with us or on the subway with us, and it was unintentional. But instantly we get angry, and ready to kill them. We start yelling at them, either outwardly or inwardly. Putting so much energy into something that is just a random coincidence, and doesn’t deserve so much of our attention or energy.  (more…)

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