INFJs Go Crazy When They Aren’t Allowed Their Time Away From People To Recharge

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Recently, I went travelling with my parents and sister to Morocco, something that has been on my bucket list, ever since I watched the movie, Casablanca. Now, believe me, when I say, I love my parents, and sister, more than anyone else on the planet. But, I was about ready to commit murder at the end of the 9 days, because I had spent almost 24-7 with them for those 9 days, except when I was dead asleep to the world, exhausted from all of the sightseeing.

Thankfully, I was sharing a space with my INTJ sister, and she understood the importance of my detox/alone time every day, which meant that she gave me some time to be on my own, right after we came back from a long day of being tourists, and in the morning, so I could do my all-important morning routine. 

The importance of alone time for an INFJ cannot be overemphasized. I’m not joking with the title of this post, when I say we literally will seem like different beings if we are not allowed to get our alone recharge time.

Normally, we seem like the most easy going people on the planet. At times, we might even be considered charming, and affable. But, if you put us into a situation where we are not allowed to spend a few hours a day on our own, chilling out, doing our thing, and recharging, we will turn into horrible monsters, who will destroy everything that stands in our path. We will turn into these other world beings, completely different from what you imagined we were like before.


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