Add Slowing Down To Your 2021 List

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I’m sure you have hundreds of ‘important’ things on your to-do list, but perhaps slowing down isn’t one of them. Maybe it isn’t even on your radar.

But as Mother Earth and the universe has given us clear direction over 2020, the planet as a whole needs to slow down, particularly humankind. We have been rushing our way through the Iron Age, the Renaissance, and the Internet Age.

Perhaps the universe has had enough of our nonsense. They must be looking down at us from wherever they are and thinking where are these fools running to? What are they running from? Why is slowing down so hard for them?


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The Pause Is As Important As The Note

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Why is it so hard to say, “I’m tired, and I need some rest?” It seems to be one of the hardest things in the world to say out loud. Why? The past few months have been especially strenuous for me, as I have been juggling (terribly) two full-time jobs, my business and creative work, with a full-time job. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I need my sleep. I need at least 7-9 hours of sleep. But I was finding myself exhausted during the days even after sleeping for ten hours at night.

It wasn’t an exhaustion that could be slept away. I realized a few days ago, that I have been pushing myself so hard over the past few months that I think I am at that stage where I have to give something up. Thankfully, something came up that forced me to quit my full-time job.

As always, the universe is much, much smarter than me. It knew that I wouldn’t quit my creative or business work, unless I was dead. And it knew that being a perfectionist, and having this insane urge to do my best with everything, I wouldn’t quit my full-time job either. It knew that I would die before quitting. And all in all, I believe it would have killed me, if the intervention from the universe hadn’t come in time. Or at least injured me. (more…)

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