Results Oriented To Process – How To Focus On The Right Stuff

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From the time we are children, we are taught a mistruth. It’s such a mind-boggling lie, that I’m surprised society still deigns to teach little susceptible minds such a lie. I was taught this lie, as were you. It is the lie below.

The only thing that matters in all that we do is that we succeed. It doesn’t matter if we gave our level best, or that we enjoy doing said items. If we do not succeed, that item doesn’t matter.

Does this lie ring a bell? It isn’t the only lie that is spoon fed to us. And there are many others that are being fed to us. I think this lie is the worst of them all because it ruins all good things in our lives.

For example, I loved to write as a child. I loved creating new stories out of nothing but my imagination. I would sit down for hours with the children in my neighbourhood on cold pavements, and draughty stairwells, and awe them with horror stories, and fantasy stories. Worlds made up entirely out of nothing, but a few neurons beating to the same pulse in my head. It was miraculous. To me. Everyone else thought it was a waste of time.

You are a great writer, they said. But it will never make you any money. It will never change the world. It will never make you rich, and famous. It isn’t a useful skill in any regard. You should focus all of your efforts on something different, like the Sciences, or Maths – these will at least get you a great well-paying job. (more…)

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