Rushing Through Life Instead of Being Here and Now

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Are you rushing through life instead of living each moment in the here and now? Are you imagining that there’s something better at the end of the tunnel, at the end of all of that rushing?

I have done that too many times to count. For example, I will be doing my yoga practice, and instead of actually paying attention to what’s going on in my practice, my mind will be a million miles away, thinking about my to-do list.

Even now, as I write this post, no matter how much I try to concentrate and focus entirely on the clicking of the keyboard keys, and the words that swirl in my mind, I feel my mind wandering and thinking, planning and dreaming.

Is this really necessary? Why do I do this to myself?


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Listen Up! Silence Is That Secret Sauce You Are Searching For.

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In the past year, I have started off my mornings with something really special. SILENCE.

I wake up, perform my morning ablutions, and sit down on my bed or chair to stare off into space. I wouldn’t call it a meditation, but more like active day-dreaming. I sit and stare off into the white space, or close my eyes, and let my mind wander anywhere and everywhere.

It has actually become my favourite time of day. I let my mind journey to all of the different realms of time and space. In my daydreams, I can do anything and I can be anywhere. There is one difference between other people’s daydreaming and mine. I call my daydreaming active because I am quite conscious through the entire process. I pay attention to where my mind likes to wander.

When we are dreaming at night, and our subconscious is at play, there are no limitations to us and our capabilities. We are all-powerful. When I daydream during the day, and I let my mind frolic, I feel like I am listening to what my subconscious wants from life. I am listening to what I truly want from my life. In this way, I am not letting society, or my parents’ dreams for me dictate my own dreams.

Conscious DayDreaming

Have you ever daydreamed consciously? I bet not. If you did end up daydreaming, you probably thought it was a waste of time, like I used to. (more…)

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[Ep 45] Slow Down Especially When You Feel Like Rushing

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about how slowing down will get you ahead, even better than rushing all the time.

We all compare ourselves to others at some point. As a result, we feel like we are not doing enough.

We get carried away doing activities for the sake of it, rather than focusing on what matters and what is truly important to us.

We end up trapped in a cycle of having to rush even more, amplifying and bringing more stress into our life.

It has been showing scientifically that humans are unable to multi-task. Our brain only holds one thought at a time. That is how it functions. When we multi-task, our brains are moving from task to task really fast, so that we think we are multi-tasking. It has been shown that multi-tasking causes us to be less productive than when we concentrate on one task at a time. (more…)

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