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Listen Up! Silence Is That Secret Sauce You Are Searching For.

In the past year, I have started off my mornings with something really special. SILENCE. I wake up, perform my morning ablutions, and sit down on my bed or chair to stare off into space. I wouldn’t call it a meditation, but more like active day-dreaming. I sit and stare off into the white space, or close my eyes, and let my mind wander anywhere and everywhere. It has actually become my favourite time of day. I let my mind…

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[Ep 45] Slow Down Especially When You Feel Like Rushing

In this episode, I’ll be chatting about how slowing down will get you ahead, even better than rushing all the time. We all compare ourselves to others at some point. As a result, we feel like we are not doing enough. We get carried away doing activities for the sake of it, rather than focusing on what matters and what is truly important to us. We end up trapped in a cycle of having to rush even more, amplifying and…

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