When You Are Working On Your Stuff, You Are Never Alone

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I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, and she asked me a question that made me think. So as usual, I used it as fodder for a new blog post, and here we are.

She asked me the following question. ‘Do you ever get lonely when you are working all day by yourself? Or when you are travelling on your own as a digital nomad?’

Wow. Such a great question. She said a lot more, but this particular question caught my attention. I wanted to share my opinion on the matter, which is just my opinion. Let’s see how it goes.

So here it is.

I Am Loneliest In A Crowd Of People

[bctt tweet=”The truth of the matter is that I was loneliest when I worked in an office setting.” username=”BoomShikha”]

It wasn’t because I disliked the stuff I was working on, which was true. But because the people I worked with weren’t part of my tribe, and I knew that. I would say all of these things that came from my heart and they would look at me, like I was crazy.

I remember that look very clearly, and in order to avoid that look, I kept all of myself away from these individuals. I didn’t share my true self in the office in order to fit in, and I did fit in, but I lost myself. (more…)

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