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4 Powerful Ways You Can Build Your Introverted Intuition, INFJs – It’s Your Superpower, Use It Well

One of the reasons I believe INFJs have a hard time fully coming into themselves, and becoming the best version of themselves, is because they are unable to fully trust and connect with one of their major superpowers, their Introverted Intuition (Ni). The lesson here – Build Your Intuition! It isn’t easy, I agree. I am an INFJ and it took me, I would say, around 30 years to really truly appreciate and believe in the information that my intuition was…

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When We Think We Aren’t Good Enough As Introverts, We Deny A Major Part Of Our Power

Can you think of your introversion as one of your superpowers? Say it with me – I have introvert power. In a world where extroverts are in the majority, introverts are generally treated like the black sheep of the family or the dreaded second cousin who stinks and no one wants to hang out with.  All activities, events, jobs, schools, and societal rules are geared towards extroverts. Making us as introverts feel like we are just a burden, and an…

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