Why Did the Universe Decide My Place Was Here in Toronto Right Now?

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The ways of the universe are mysterious enough that puny humans like us don’t get it. I’m sure that’s true all the time, but especially right now, it seems particularly poignant. I’m speaking about lessons here.

When I first traveled back to Toronto from Thailand (which is like my first home), I didn’t think that I would still be in Toronto 8 months later, due to the pandemic and travel ban in the world.

I thought I would stay for a few months, five or six at most, and then skedaddle my way back to Chiang Mai, where I live most of the year.

The universe had other plans.

I was not the only one the universe had alternate plans for. Many of my friends from Chiang Mai, who had left there to go back to their home countries, were stuck there now.


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[Ep 70] Everything Happens For A Reason

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In this episode, I’ll be talking about the universe and how everything that happens to us happens for a reason. No matter what happens in this life, whether it’s meeting a new person, missing your bus, a change of direction or any event no matter how small or insignificant it maybe, it happens for a reason. The universe is playful and mysterious and sometimes it may be hard to see or understand exactly what we are meant to take from it but that’s the exciting part. This is how we learn and grow. Podcast Content In this podcast episode, I will be chatting about the following things: Everything is significant Consciousness Signs and signals to look out for The University of Life My relationship with the universe Many people spend their days unconscious of the reasons behind the things the universe throws in their path. This can lead to a lot of negative thought. Why is the universe doing this to me?…

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We Are Always Right Where We Are Supposed To Be

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Recently, I had to quit a job, and move back home as my parents needed my youth and strength around them to give them energy and vitality. It was an easy decision to make. I didn’t dilly-dally about it. I had the revelation during the lunar eclipse in July 2018. Lots of old ideas faded, or were ripped out of me. I had to decide what was truly important to me. My parents needed me. I had to go back home. There was nothing else for me to think about.

I came back home, and it felt right. Everyone asked me if I was feeling resentful that I had to leave a great job that I had been dreaming about, a house and life by the ocean, and a stress-free existence, to move to a different kind of existence. And this is what I told everyone.

I have made thousands of plans in my life. And I mean, thousands. I am a planner by heart. I plan everything, from grocery shopping, to window shopping, to my daily schedule, to taking a shower. Everything has a list associated with it, even if it might not be colour-coded.

I make plans. But, and this is a learning I have had over the past few years, the universe has an entirely different plan for me every single time. If I was the foolish kind (and I was that in the past), I would fight the universe’s plan for me, because goddamnit, I have a plan of my own, and I am going to follow my plan over the universe’s plan come hell or high water. (more…)

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