Everyone Wants To Be An Expert, But No One Wants To Do The Work

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I was doing my own yoga practice the other day, as usual, by myself. I love doing a yoga practice on my own, because I can have so much more control over the moves that I choose. Tailoring my yoga practice to my body’s specific needs rather than taking a generic fits-for-all class. Which I love.

As I did my yoga poses at my own turtle-like pace, I heard someone slide open the yoga hall’s door, and ask me if I could teach her a few yoga poses as she had never done yoga. It was one of the local Thai girls who worked with me, very sweet, petite, and quiet. I said, yes, of course, and started doing the poses a bit slower than normal, to show her how to slide into each one.

She is a smart girl, so she was able to copy my moves almost exactly without a lot of guidance or coaching. I had a thought slip into my mind as I did my moves, thinking, there isn’t much difference if you look from the outside in, between me and her.

I have been doing yoga for about 8 years now, so compared to her, I’m kind of an expert. But if someone walked past the yoga hall and saw us both practicing, they would see two individuals doing exactly the same yoga moves, with similar efficacies. (more…)

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Why Are You Getting Annoyed When You Have To Work?

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Over the past few months, I have been getting this revelation about work that I would really like to share with my readers. With you awesome people, that is. When I was a child and in my teens, I absolutely loved school work, and all of the other work that I got to do. It was a privilege to me. A lot of people in the world, I used to tell myself, don’t get to go to school or do all of this awesome work, because they are too poor, or too busy supporting their families.

I am lucky enough (and was lucky enough) to have parents who supported me, so I could go to school unfettered. I didn’t have to worry about bringing home the bacon. My parents took care of that for me, so I could study. I loved to study and I loved to go to work. It was all a major privilege and gain to me.

But as I entered my twenties, I started working at a job with the government, where the opposite viewpoint was held fast. For the first time, I was surrounded by people who hated their jobs, and hated working. They hated everything about it, and they expounded upon it for long periods of time to anyone who would listen. I ended up doing a lot of the listening, because I was young, and a junior member of the team. (more…)

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