How To Become a Creative Conduit and Create More Easily

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Don't get a big head. You are not the creator. Just a creative conduit. You are merely the medium that was chosen for God or that higher intelligence to work through you. All you need to worry about is to how to become a creative conduit more easily. Allow, allow, allow. Allow for the universe to flow through you. Just allow for the grace of the higher intelligence to flow through your fingers and your heart. Don't resist and don't censor. Let go. Breathe. Deeper. Go deeper. Don't stay at the surface. Don't be superficial about it and let go even more. Breathe even deeper. Belly breaths now. That's it. A creative conduit doesn't have it easy, but we have to keep going. Keep on at it. Letting go and relaxing into the process. A Creative Conduit Has To Relax Themselves More and More How relaxed are you right now? Take a look at your body. How tight are your shoulders? Your…

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Writing Comes From Writing More, Badly, Everyday

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Lots of people tell me everyday on my blog and on the streets (after they find out about my blog), that they want to be writers. I tell everyone of those individuals – everyone is a writer at heart, but when it comes down to it, very few of us actually take pen to paper and write.

Everyone has stories, hundreds of stories that they could write about. Don’t you believe that?

Everyone has anecdotes that they could relate to their readers a hundred times over. I definitely do…

Everyone has painful family incidents that would result in some great writing material. I’m sure you do as well.


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The Job Of A Writer Is To Gather Sensory Information

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Whenever I travel through a new place, there is this verve of creativity that rushes through me. There’s this rush of feeling inside of me, that makes me want to write, and write. Then, write some more. I feel so ecstatically connected to that writer side of me in those moments.

Right now, I am on a Shinkansen train from Kyoto to Tokyo in Japan. It’s a 2.5 hour journey. Most non-writer people take it as a big waste of time. They are going to flip through their Instagram, or watch some show on Netflix, to get through those moments.

But for a writer like me, it is a cornucopia of delights to my senses. There is so much going on. I am on a train. A moving train. I just have to comfortably sit in my seat. And, all of the beautiful sights and scenes will move past me, at a rapid rate. Allowing me to indulge myself. I can see more of the world this way. I can know more of the world this way as well.


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You Are A Writer, Because You Write. You Are A Dancer, Because You Dance.

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I have noticed this tendency in me to brush off people when they tell me, “Oh, that’s wonderful. You are a writer.” This usually happens when I tell them that I write every single day, that I am a writer at heart, and that I have a few novels published on Amazon. I laugh it off. “Oh, no, I’m not a ‘real’ writer. I don’t have ‘real’ novels published, by ‘real’ publishing houses, and I am not recognized by the literary world as a ‘real’ writer.”

Of course, I have realized that this is all nonsense. I never say this exact thing to someone else who tells me they have a novel published or they are writing a blog. If they are writing, they are a writer to me. I realize that people unnecessarily put random criteria on these things.

I’m only a writer if I have a book published by a major publishing house. Or I am only a dancer if I appear on a dance show or in a dance troupe. I am only a musician if I have an album, and fans. I am only something if I am recognized by hundreds of others for it. And perhaps, also paid hundreds of dollars for it. Preferably millions. (more…)

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[Ep 88] Having A Hard Time Getting Ideas?

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about muses and how I get all the ideas for all of the awesome, cool, different things I do every single day. And the real heroine of the show is my muse! Ta-da! For those who are unsure, a muse is a force that is the source of inspiration and it’s where all our ideas come from. Not only mine, or yours, but every single creative person on the planet gets their ideas from their own muse. Muses are always floating around in the air with ideas attached to them. Searching for a human like us, creative, and determined to get their idea out into the world. I have so many ideas coming to me all throughout the day and it is confusing me as to why some people don’t. Why do some people come up with ideas easily and others do not? The answer is as simple as do you trust your muse…

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[Ep 86] Write For Yourself And Only For Yourself

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about my writing experience and how I feel that we should write for ourselves, not for anyone else outside of ourselves. Nowadays, people tend to focus more on what people think about them, and gaining appreciation and respect from people, than anything else. Focusing on this makes us lose sight of what is important to us. When we write, we really need to focus on the joy and ecstasy that the art of writing brings to our lives, rather than anything else. This is highly important for success in the field. Podcast Content Why do you write? Are you writing because you want to be appreciated by externals? What makes you come alive? Do what you want but make sure you do it for you! Take a minute and think about what makes you come alive. Is it writing, watching a sport, playing an instrument or taking awesome photographs? Whatever it is, why did…

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My Gypsy Heart Is So Ecstatic To Be In This Creative Sinkhole

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When I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. It was like, that had been imprinted into the insides of my heart, irrevocably and forever my destiny. But, as the world intervened, I was made to realize (falsely) that I will never make any money from being a writer, and I should find some other vocation. Some other vocation that paid better, much better, has more security, and more stability associated with it.

Ah, if only, I had been stronger in my mindset, and realized that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how much money I could have made from the writing thing, because it was something that my gypsy heart wanted to do.

For the next 20 years (I am 34 now), I worked on various odd and end jobs. Marketing. Sales. Officiating. And so much more. It was all for naught. There was no point to it. My heart kept on going back to creating, and writing. It wanted to do that so badly. (more…)

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When You Give Up Consumerism, It Frees Up Time For Creativity

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I feel like I’ve been blind all of my life, and only now am I beginning to see the light. It’s a miracle. The light that I am beginning to see, is the truth of how many hundreds of hours I wasted going off to malls, online and offline, and wasting so many precious seconds on consumerism.

“Oh, I’m not going to buy anything. I’m not spending money. I’m just going to do some window shopping.” So much precious time was wasted on nothing. On buying items that I didn’t really need. Then, returning those said items, because I just didn’t have the space or the money for them. From there, going on and repeating the cycle, a hundred thousand times.

Every single day, every single week, every single month. It was all the same. My life was about shopping. It was about consumerism. The point of my life wasn’t to live, but to buy or pretend to buy or window shop or browse. All of it was the same.  (more…)

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Medium Readers, Followers, And Subscribers Welcome!

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I created this special page for all of my Medium readers, and followers, so I could thank you virtually through this video, which might not mean much to you, but means a lot to me. I'm grateful to be able to thank each one of you, with this video, for taking the time to read my content, and either commenting on it, or following me, or just holding it within your body and taking it in and integrating it with your soul. All of it matters to me so much. I wanted to request you to subscribe to my list below. I ensure that this Medium list gets only the special posts, or products that I create, so it is absolutely crucial to you and everything that I do with you. My Time On Medium I have been writing on Medium for quite a while now, and I wanted to start bringing my medium readers into the fold little by little. It…

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