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The Stoic Concept Of Loving Your Fate Is So Beautiful

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Do you know about the philosophy of loving your fate?

I was listening to some beautiful Japanese anime music when it happened. My car was hit in the back by someone who didn’t stop in time because perhaps they were distracted.

Of course, they were at fault. Not only because in my city and province, the rule states so, but also, because he admitted that he was in a hurry.

I ended up consoling the poor guy, because he was so filled with fear, and was shaking with it. His lips and hands were trembling. I felt so terrible for him.

As I sat back in the car, after exchanging insurance information with him, I had this interesting thought. I wondered to myself why the beautiful and generous universe had decided to send me this car accident at this time.

What was her reasoning?

I am a sort of reverse paranoid, where I believe the universe is always working towards ensuring that I am happy, healthy, and living my best life. Everything the universe does for me is to ensure that something good happens for me. 

Did You Miss The Flight Or Did The Flight Miss You?

There are many stories out there, similar to the idea where you hear of a person who missed their flight. And that flight goes on to crash, killing all passengers on board. The person who missed their flight, who was probably lamenting that fact beforehand, suddenly realizes how lucky they are.

This happens in various formats throughout our lives. Sometimes knowingly, and mostly unknowingly, we are saved a hundred times over in our lives, from extenuating circumstances.

I believe in the concept of Amor Fati – which is Latin for “Love Your Fate.” I love this concept and I think it applies well to all of the seemingly negative things that happen to us in this mad life of ours.

There are many situations in which if you looked back upon it in hindsight, you would see, that in fact, that event was absolutely useful and crucial to your personal development.

This accident that I was in, was necessary. I don’t know why or how. But I do know that the universe who is always loving me, provided that accident for some important reason.

That’s why, I now go by the philosophy, which is loving your fate. Love everything that happens to you, love the ‘good’, of course, but also love the ‘bad’.

The Seemingly Bad Events Are Usually Not Bad In Retrospect, So Make Them Good Now

The thing about ‘bad’ events, or events we label bad, is that if you look back on them, you will see they were precious and important to you. Somehow, that breakup that you cried and cried about, turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Seemingly, that time you lost that dream job of yours, turns out to be exactly the thing you needed to start that business you had been thinking about forever.

So many things happen to us every single day, and sometimes we think we are being punished, and we wonder why these terrible things should happen to us.

The thing is that everything that is happening to you holds within it the seed for something bigger, better, greater, and more beautiful. Also, everything that is happening to you, is teaching you something about yourself.

It is teaching you how strong you are, or how much more you need to grow, and how far you need to go.

It perhaps teaches you about compassion and kindness. Or about cruelty and hatred. Or about loving your fate, no matter what.

How About Loving Your Fate Now, Without Any Reason?

As humans, you are probably, as I did, looking for a reason for every event. How about we follow the policy of Amor Fati for every event?

This way we just ‘know’ that every event that has happened to us has happened to us for good reasons. For the good of us, for the good of our future. We just ‘know’ that the universe is always looking out for us, and our fate is good, no matter what has happened.

We are lucky to be alive. Lucky to be here. Lucky to be breathing. We are here, and that’s all we can say for now. Stuff might happen to us, and all of it will turn out well.

We just need to trust in the universe’s good intentions for us. Instead of questioning everything the universe does to us, how about we take responsibility and say that the universe cares about us, so everything that is happening must be good in some measure… It must be. It has to be.

Because it always has been like this till now.

Evidence isn’t needed. We are ready to not just accept our fate but love it so much. We love our fate, and we know that it’s exactly what was supposed to happen, whatever it might be.

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