The Universe Reminds Us of Important Lessons We Forget

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Recently, I have started taking part in a lot of varied healing modalities. This means that I am spending a lot of my free time, either recovering from some kind of physical or spiritual pain or integrating the messages from the universe and the lessons learned.

Self-care has become an absolute priority for me.

Because without knowing how far I can push myself, and how much time to take away to rest, I will start disintegrating very fast.

Due to this, the universe has started sending me messages upon messages, about the importance of self-care. These messages come from all sources. Friends, family members, random people off the street, and more.

I learn the lesson from someone and I am good about self-care for maybe a few days or weeks. And then I forget about its importance, or I get busy. Instantly, the universe will perk up again, and send me another message from another person or situation about the importance of self-care. Hopefully, this will then re-establish itself in my mind space.

Human Beings Have A Short Memory For Messages That Really Matter

I think it’s especially true for me. I need a hundred reminders about something important before I will really lodge into my brain as unforgettable messages. This has been true for taking care of myself and allowing myself the time to do self-care routines. And it has been true for always putting forth my authentic self into the world.

I don’t know why it is that I can remember useless information like the lyrics to a song, or the birthdays of all of my exes really well. It’s like all of that useless information is stuck to my brain like green goop, and refuses to be dislodged. In fact, if anything does get dislodged, it is the important stuff.

It’s as if all of the useless information in my brain forces out the good stuff. And the universe sighs as it has to send me the lesson yet again.

In any case, it is a big mystery why I cannot remember that self-care has to remain an absolute priority for me. I forget to sleep enough at night, or drink enough water, or eat enough food. It’s as if I need a slap from my immune system every few weeks to jolt me into an awareness of my physical bodies’ needs.

Thankfully, The Universe Is Always On Hand For These Lessons

This is one of the reasons why I know for an absolute fact that human beings are still children, in the macroscopic view of things. We are still babies, stumbling around, crawling about. The supreme beings of the universe take care of us.

The universe has to wipe up our snot over and over again. And it has to clean up our mess again and again. We just don’t learn.

The way that you know that a message is important and will definitely be forgotten, is through the frequency of the lessons from the universe.

Being authentic, prioritizing self-care, focusing on your life purpose – these are important things that we need to be taking care of daily. But we forget them and have to be reminded about their importance over and over again.

It’s Not A Bad Thing To Get Reminders

I actually don’t think of it as a bad thing at all – that we have to be reminded of these important lessons so often. I take two important learnings from them.

Firstly, the universe really cares about our well-being and wants us to succeed. Secondly, the universe is telling us indirectly what is truly important for our growth and development.

This way, the lesson comes to you over and over again, sometimes several times in a week. Then, it’s time for you to perk up and realize what the universe is trying to tell you.

This still doesn’t mean though that as a smart human, you would learn this lesson and not need a reminder for it ever again. Unfortunately, unless you are a highly developed human being, and there are very few of those around, you are going to need a bonus reminder lesson over and over again, until the end of all of your lifetimes.

I also feel a lot of love generated from the universe for me, every single time, I need one of those lessons. It’s as if it’s a mother looking at me fondly. And it’s thinking to itself, “Oh boy, it’s a stupid child of mine, but I still love it so much.”

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